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  Caregiver Solutions Tri-County is created by the Caregiver Development Work Group of H.O.M.E. Collaborative. We are a sub group of the 'Housing Options Meaningful to Elders' Collaborative. The purpose of Caregiver Solutions Tri-County (a sub group of H.O.M.E Collaborative) is to find, create and develop a more robust workforce to provide excellent care for seniors in the Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. This in turn, keeps seniors farther from isolation, helps them to have proper nutrition and have an advocate in the home keeping them safer. Seniors that have proper in-home support are less at risk of becoming homeless.

Due to the growing demographic of seniors and older adults, the demand for care providers is increasing daily. There currently is a shortage of professional care providers. 'If the homecare industry were expanded to cover all individuals who have a selfcare limitation, California would need at least 600,000 and as many as 3.2 million additional workers by 2030.' *SEIU 2015*

To create a more robust workforce, we are specifically seeking people wanting to better their lives, receive certifications, additional education, for personal development and make a rewarding living by helping seniors in their home. A Certified Nursing Assistant is a promising and sustainable career. It also offers competitive wages and a great career path in the geriatric healthcare industry.

We are looking for individuals that may be un-housed, displaced, on the brink of becoming roofless, and/or single parents. Anyone who may not be able to receive certification and the education processes of becoming a Certified Nurse’s Assistant due to a lack of resources. We may have sponsorships available to those whom are qualified.

Caregiver Solutions Tri-County is searching for professional partnerships with anyone who works with the above-mentioned demographic. We are also seeking funding that will pay for the education to create more Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides. We are pursuing people who want an education in the field and would like to work in the health care setting creating their career path. After becoming a CNA one can continue their education for a Licensed Vocational Nursing degree, a Registered Nurse, Activity Director, Social Service’s and many more careers can follow a licensed and certified care provider.

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